2 Woman Serving Lunch ImageThis site was built with the purpose of helping people create more time for themselves, and how to save money by crock pot cooking. But also by providing easy crock pot meal recipes that will help answer simple questions such as: Can I cook rice in a crock pot? Cooking vegetables in a crock pot? Cooking meat in a crock pot, and at what temp? etc… As well as providing some of the best guides that the market has to offer!

  • CPK Solutions– page which gives different scenarios that show you how this type of cooking creates more time.
  • CPK Pro’s & Con’s– which is solely dedicated to showing you the advantages & disadvantages of crock pot cooking. Which honestly their aren’t really any disadvantages at all!

  • CPK Cooking Temps– which goes into the browning meats & what temps various foods should be cooked at.

  • Crock Pot Problems– which is more of a what if this was to happen page.

So when you have a moment please take a look, because I know it will help you in one way, or another. With that said, if you have any suggestions feel free to post them.

All I ask, is that it be useful info. So please throw out as many ideas/ recipes etc…, that would help create more time for anyone. The bottom line is we have to help each other. And as I’ve said in my about page have FUN! Life’s to short!!!

So with that said please tell friends, and family about the site.





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